Amity University Online launches National Skill Test with 50L worth scholarships

New Delhi [India], May 03: In order to steer professionals in the right direction for their career, Amity University Online, an internationally accredited institution that has always been dedicated solely to providing excellence in online education, is launching an initiative called Amity Career Fest. The initiative is designed to benefit all the current Amity Online students as well as all the prospective Indian students.

The “Career Fest 2021” seeks to bridge the gap between students and employers by bringing them together under one roof, allowing employers to find the right fit with the requisite skill set for the future. Not only does the Amity Career Fest assists students in selecting the appropriate course from a wide variety of options to make them employable, but it also ensures that each of them establishes a network with potential recruiters.

Career Fest deploys a two-pronged strategy for increasing the employability quotient. It will assist non-Amity students in assessing their abilities and allowing them to test their skills to determine where they stand and, if necessary, upskill in the appropriate direction. It will assist the current Amity Online students in matching their qualifications to what recruiters are looking for, ensuring that they are well on their way to achieving their goals.

Virtual Job Fair

For Amity Online students, one of its kinds Virtual Job Fair will be organized. It is an online hiring portal where top companies will virtually hire students in eight hours flat. In the latest Job Fair organized on 27 April, companies like Bajaj Capital, KSK Business Consulting, Ergode IT services, Bhutani group amongst others got the opportunity to interact and hire for 500+ vacancies. The entire process from registration, shortlisting, video interview to final selection happens on the spot digitally within one day. The next Virtual Job Fair is scheduled to happen in May 2021.

In many ways, Amity University Online and Amity Future Academy’s collaboration to bring in Career Fest 2021 is groundbreaking. It is granting more than 50 lakh scholarships, 1000 free courses, and the opportunity to upskill for free.

India ka Skill Test

All prospective students in India can participate in the India ka skill test for a chance to win a scholarship worth up to $100,000 based on a test. Scholarships are awarded based on the results of the skill test. The test results will guide the participants either to scholarship-based admission to Amity’s PGP programs or provide access to 1000+ courses free of cost.

Students seeking employment or an internship should take India ka Skill Test as it helps them assess their competencies while telling them the areas to upskill. So instead of blindly enrolling in a trending course or certificate, they can follow the right approach in upskilling.

The domains included in the test range from Blockchain to Cyber Security to Analytics to Technology, Management, Marketing, Product and Machine Learning. There are set time duration and only one attempt allowed to give the test.

So, if you are aspiring to make a career in any of the above-mentioned domains, a jab at this test is recommended to see where you stand currently. It is free of cost and simple to enroll for. Visit to register yourself and select the domain in which you want to test your skills. After that, take the Skill Test in the stipulated time frame. Once submitted, the test results would appear and you will get a Certificate of Completion and scholarship basis on your scores.

Career Fest 2021 can be your opportunity to set yourself on the path of success in the domain of your choice. Amity University Online is committed to providing guidance and support to those who want to take this opportunity to upskill.