Inside India’s Young R&B Artist Taking the Scene by Storm

September 14: In the sea of R&B artists, Aritra Das, better known as Aritra, attains a unique taste to his music that is infused with a mixture of various genres such as Hip hop, Blues-rock, Jazz and electronica. Originally from Ahmedabad, this young R&B artist is famous for his versatility and is full of skills; it may come as a surprise that Aritra’s music does not follow any particular genre, his vocals focus more on his emotions that inspires him to present the best in him.

Chiefly known for his storytelling ability, Aritra incorporates it perfectly with his luscious smooth vocals while keeping that shady vibe in check which is a rare find in this generation. Aritra has always been fascinated by old school rock & roll and metal, and he likes to compliment his catchy vocal phrases with raw fry screams which goes far away from mainstream R&B that gives it a new form altogether. Often termed as the next weeknd, this young lad has not only maintained a steady flow of new music that constantly strikes the boundaries of modern-day rock throughout his career but also appears to have no intention to stop at nothing when it comes to evolving his music and getting fresh sounds to surprise his audience every time he sets his foot on the stage.

Aritra’s musical background goes way back in time and is considered to be inherited from the 4th generation musician. His family influenced his initial music. His mother built him. She is a Hindustani classical singer under whom he started training at a very young age and hence defines his musical prowess. The singer started learning the keyboard when he was just ten and gradually won various competitions. He believes that his sense of composition comes from playing the keyboard, being exposed to a large variety of music at such an early age, and being a naturally gifted musician at the same time, he was able to bring out the best of everything as time progressed. His vision has resonated with both his audiences and the tastemakers alike. During his adolescence, he started learning Sitar at Saptak Academy, one of India’s greatest classical music schools. At the age of 16, Aritra established Inertia, an experimental instrumental assembly that involved his friend Sarathkrishnan Ramesh where he collaborated with various local artists and was introduced to the art of music production. In 2019, he founded Shattered Law, a progressive metal band based out in Bhubaneswar back in his college days and went on to win various college-level fests in the subsequent year. Over the years of winning, he got critically acclaimed by the likes of Angel Vivaldi, this artist is sure to be someone to be looked upon.

Since launching his debut EP, Distorted thoughts, which consists of 4 songs, Astral reality, Honey Trap, Karma and Midas’s touch, Aritra has scored numerous radio and Spotify hits. Distorted thoughts are a real-life narration of events as experienced by the singer himself. It’s a self-description of a girl trying to escape her Karma for all the wrongdoings she did but unfortunately failed at it. As written from a negative perspective, it speaks about the struggles and practices the character goes through and meets her unfortunate end, serving justice.

With his recent popularity in social media, the singer’s latest addition to the EP Honey Trap was featured on one of Argentina’s biggest radio stations, M90 Radio, toppled 150K Streams in real-time during the premiere.