Maskin Welfare Foundation: Hoping to build a better future for the Next Generation

July 14: Humans are least bothered about the world they live in over the years without thinking about how future generations will bear the brunt. Being selfish and forgetting what it is to give back and help those in need. To bring a change of heart and help those unfortunate souls, a well-known organization based in Kolkata, Maskin Welfare Foundation, has come forward to revive humanity. 

Maskin Welfare Foundation is an organization with a heart and vision to reach out to the poorest sections of society. It is a non-profit and non-governmental organization that has stepped up its efforts to provide food security, water, and better sanitation for underprivileged people. They have been trying to improve the economic situation of people who find it hard to arrange meals and earn their livelihood. The organization was established in January 2020 to address socio-economic and cultural development with environment-friendly ventures. 

The Foundation has put in tremendous efforts to help build better educational facilities for the disadvantaged sections in West Bengal. Providing amenities in health care and geriatric care has now taken over new dimensions with help from people influenced by the work put in by Maskin Welfare Foundation.

Special initiatives such as charity for education, feeding a hungry child, charity health camps, women empowerment programs, food camps, and distribution of books for children are the causes that Maskin Welfare Foundation is currently promoting. Each venture fosters collaboration with the local people and engages in bringing together support to make these successful initiatives one.

Maskin Welfare Foundation has come forward with several initiatives to bring change to give back to nature. One of the major projects that the Maskin Welfare Foundation has hoped will promote a cleaner and greener India. Here the public is encouraged to adopt a tree or any number of trees they wish to take on. In contrast, they will take responsibility for caring with professionals who will help nurture the tree as part of the adoption process. This way, more trees will be cared for, and it will help maintain the green cover for future generations.

They had also built up a school for children who often miss out on the most important part of their lives due to various circumstances. They can now have a place to call a second home wherein they can learn, play, and make something out of their lives as they grow up into future citizens of the country. A school helps them to imbibe values and learn new things. Maskin Public School is considered one of the best preschool chains in Bolpur. It is a sacred place for children wherein dreams come true as they enjoy their time learning and widen their horizons.

Health awareness is especially low in our country, and those below the poverty line often face the harsh reality of not having a proper healthcare system. Maskin Welfare Foundation has worked out solutions that work on awareness programs. It reaches out to those underprivileged sections for health drives promoting hygiene and care.

The Foundation has acquired a plot of land. Most of their initiatives begin here. They have built a separate educational unit for teaching children and a fitness unit wherein children can exercise to build their health. A cultural unit used to perform extracurricular activities such as dance, drama, singing, other art forms etc. There is also an outdoor and indoor games unit wherein the children learn to play new sports and games with good facilities for many sports.

There is a farming unit specifically built to help farmers, allowing them to express their problems and find solutions here. The fishing units are for the fishermen who need help to learn to sell their fish, earn a profit, and apply better fishing methods. The hatchery unit is helpful for those who do poultry farming and as they learn to get better yield and quality of eggs.

The plot also has an office room to look into the running of the other units. A Maskin Temple is on the premises, which is used as a place of worship.

As the above initiatives have garnered a lot of response from the public and authorities for commendable work and reach, it has given Maskin Welfare Foundation to think on the lines of building Maskin University for higher education for the underprivileged and multi-speciality hospital for providing better healthcare facilities. 

The Maskin Welfare Foundation has noble intentions to bring welfare to society and ensure that even the downtrodden are cared for with care and love.

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