Tramboo Sports: Pioneering Unity and Innovation in the Kashmir Willow Industry comes out roaring

Srinagar (Jammu Kashmir) [India], February 8:  Tramboo Sports, a beacon of innovation and youthful entrepreneurship in the Kashmir Willow Bat Industry, is stepping forward to address recent misunderstandings and dismissing all the baseless claims while also shedding light on its strategic initiatives aimed at fostering industry-wide unity, environmental stewardship, and long-term sustainability.

At the heart of its mission, Tramboo Sports, founded by the visionary Tramboo brothers, Saad (20) and Hamaad (18), is deeply committed to transforming the Kashmir Willow sector into a globally recognized, sustainable industry. 

In light of recent discussions, Tramboo Sports dismisses all the baseless claims raised by CBMAK, and wishes to address concerns raised by the Cricket Bat Manufacturers Association (CBMAK) regarding the portrayal of manufacturing facilities and allegations arising from their appearance on Shark Tank India Season 3, for which due permission was taken by the owner of the manufacturing unit. Also, Tramboo Sports never claimed to be the “only” manufacturers of Kashmir Willow bats in Kashmir rather quoted that there are more than 300. 

Utilising advanced technology by using seasoning chambers, which is currently exclusive to Tramboo Sports in Kashmir, they are able to reduce the seasoning time to less than 10 days, whereas the traditional method takes more than 1 year for everyone else. 

Emphasizing transparency and collaboration, Tramboo Sports clarifies its relationship and showcases the importance of third-party partnerships in their operational model. This instance highlights the need for enhanced communication and partnership within the industry.

Another cornerstone of Tramboo Sports’ vision is the environmental and sustainable management of willow resources. The company is pioneering efforts to replant willow trees across the valley, utilizing advanced technology to ensure both the beautification of the region and the availability of high-quality willow clefts for generations to come. This initiative not only supports the industry’s supply chain but also contributes to the ecological welfare of Kashmir, aligning with global sustainability goals.

The recent challenges posed by some association members, including unfounded demands, are met with a spirit of resilience and openness by Tramboo Sports. The company extends an olive branch to the CBMAK, offering to season clefts for its members and inviting all to collaborate in elevating the Kashmir Willow industry.

Saad and Hamaad Tramboo stand ready to lead by example, harnessing their innovation, legacy, and commitment to social and environmental responsibility. They envision a future where the Kashmir Willow bat industry is not only known for its superior quality products but also for its unity, sustainability, and global reach.

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