This Gujarat-based startup won India’s Top 500 start-up award and has recycled more than 150K Smartphones.

Business Mint awarded Niyateey Shah, founder of Tvarita Phones as Promising Company – 2021, Refurbished Mobiles Company Category for being the most promising service provider.

Valsad (Gujarat) [India], May 06: With the consistent developments and innovations in the Indian startup environment, more and more women are chasing the entrepreneurial dream. That also empowers other Indian women who are still bound to the traditional homemaker role to have an independent perspective.

Tvarita Phones, launched in 2018, has won India’s Top 500 startups Award and has recycled more than 150K smartphones and managing repair for India’s biggest mobile phone insurer company, Bajaj Alliance.

As indicated by the National Sample Survey, only 14% of the businesses in India are being operated by women entrepreneurs. A large part of the organization is bootstrapped and run on a limited scale. The global dissimilarity is evident in a report which says almost 126 million women have their own business across the world while Indian women wait around the 8 million marks; a paradoxical statement shows that India is the second most populated country in the world.

Since its inception, Niyateey and her team have managed to convert their mobile repair, renovating, and reselling services, and fixed almost 150k smartphones and are still counting. Instead, the company chose to focus on a specialty section that would be ready to pay a premium for services. Thus, Tvarita starts with a basic fix service model for smartphones, where they fix, repair, and deliver.

Tvarita Phones was founded by Niyateey Shah in the year 2018 to utilize innovation for a clean and green environment. With this evenhanded, they are all set to set up an integrated, end-to-end electronic waste (e-waste) recycling facility and consequently becoming the e-waste recycler to be registered with the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) and Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India. Tvarita Phones is committed to initiating a socially responsible movement towards electronic waste.

The significant advantages of dealing with a re-commerce organization are many, for example, guaranteed repurchase cost to the holder of the product. Tvarita, which means Magic in Sanskrit, is a new venture which is into refurbishing, repair, and replacement of premium smartphones in India. With its cutting-edge manufacturing office located in Vapi, Gujarat, the organization plans to be the go-to mark in the maintenance and repairing section. The focus is to be the trademark in after deals services making it a faultless lifecycle for the end consumer, OEMs, and their B2B Partners.

As per the facts, the recommerce industry in India is expected to witness a steep growth bend with a CAGR of more than 35% this year. As innovation infiltration increases, this need is going to detonate soon. Tvarita believes that the Mobile Insurance Industry Is being hit by three main factors: TAT: Frauds: Loss Ratio

The answer is Tvarita.

  • TAT, Handset Picked-Repaired- Delivered within 12 working days. Replace – Replacement of the handset within 24hours of the broken device picked up.
  • FRAUDS, It’s a company, not a service center systems and processes are all set to ensure no extra parts are replaced, repaired to swell the client’s billing.
  • LOSS RATIO, Tvarita promises a minimum of 15% savings on your current repair expense and backing it up with a 7day warranty.

India has a tremendous mobile phone divide. Out of a billion or more mobile users, just 350-million odd people have smartphones. There is a huge move that will occur from highlights to smartphones in coming years. And, we accept the refurbished market will likewise take a generous share of this growth. The pre-owned smartphones market is growing 4-5x quicker than the by and large smartphone market. In India, there is an enormous neglected demand for used or repaired smartphones, making Tvarita, one of the fastest developing business sectors for refurbished, repaired smartphones in the world. Without innovation, business gets humdrum which hampers growth, She adds.

Let’s look at another successful venture of Niyateey Shah. Shotformat Digital Productions is the company that features India’s top 5 Digital Product Companies Invested By Matrix Partners and which is currently valued at $2M. The organization has delivered probably the best products like Audio Talkies, Video Talkies, and the most recent being Smartphone protection. Short Format is the third biggest mobile phone insurance agency in India and one of the first agencies to give mobile phone protection on existing handsets. Shotformat has protected million mobile phones with its homegrown innovation that distinguishes the strength of the handset remotely. Another gem product Pink Pets caters to the needs of Pet Parents in India.

Year after year, confident, savvy, courageous women from wherever the nation to become successful and thunder achievement and win in various fields. Niyateey builds India’s revolutionary item Audio Talkies which accumulated a business of almost 1500cr+ for the telcos and created another category of rights for the film producers.

Niyateey also produced a feature Mumbai Cutting, in that ’10’ shorts directed by ’10’ directors from Anurag Kashyap, Sudhir Mishra, Revathy, Shahshank Ghosh, Late Kundan Shah, Rahul Dholakia, and a few more. Yet to be released by Sahara.

She believes that you cannot discover new oceans unless you dare to lose sight of the shore!

Throughout the long term, she has strengthened the art of collaborating market needs with innovations and building an ultimate plan of action.

She has won several awards and recognition such as:

  • Winner of the prestigious World Women Leadership Congress Award at World Women Congress
  • Indian Leadership Award for Industrial Development; Indian Achievers Foundation
  • Business Leadership Award for Industrial Excellence, International Achievers Conference
  • Fastest Growing Indian Company Excellence Award
  • Times Network presents National Awards for Marketing Excellence
  • India 500 Startup Awards 2019 – Recycling Business.
  • Business Mint’s Nationwide Award-Promising Company – 2021, Refurbished Mobiles Company Category.

To sum up, Niyateey is a unique combination of an inventive and ambitious mind that built profitable business across varied industries from Digital to Recycling to Entertainment.