“How Space Group is contributing to the development of Astronomy & Space Science?”

New Delhi (India), December 22: Astronomy is an exciting field of science that studies everything beyond the earth’s atmosphere. It includes the study of planets, stars, galaxies, the relationship of the celestial bodies, etc. The study of Astronomy has an outstanding impact on mankind or the nation at large. It confers the largest contributions to the development of science. Astronomical developments have proven to be a boon for society in general and yet not known to majority of the people on Earth. For instance, the iPhone’s camera is a charged coupled device (CCD) that captures the movement of electric charge, it was developed for Astronomy, now used in cameras, cell phones, webcams, etc. Similarly, various devices like laptops, GPS navigation, solar panels, MRI scanners, photographic films, and even powdered fruit juice were developed because of Astronomy usecase. Last but not the least, Astronomy makes oneself humble as we study this vast universe and try to figure out our place and role in it.

Contribution of Space Group in the field of Astronomy.

Space Group has remarkably continued to outshine their legacy in the field since 2001. They are the world’s largest Non-Governmental Organization that has worked from the grassroots level & beyond in the growth and development of Astronomy, Space science and STEM Education. Through their services, they have inspired more than 1 Million students & have paved a way for Astronomy & Space Science. Their contribution is in a four-dimensional arena – Online Programs, School Programs, Khagolshala (Astronomy Labs), School Competitions and outreach programs.

1. Online Programs: The space group through Brahmand Education Services pvt. ltd. has introduced three virtual programs in for making Astronomy and Space Science education and experiences accessible for all. Astronomy Camp is a 10-day virtual tour where students from Class 1 to 12 are engaged. These camps are held every vacation to train the students & introduce in them a spark for the enticing field. iAstronomer club on the other hand provides practical learning experiences to learners through Space Educators at Brahmand. It is a club where all the curious minds gather & share their skills, and passion for Astronomy. Voyager is the foundation course in Astronomy for basic and intermediate learners and particularly above 18+ year people, this helps them become an expert in imparting Astronomy and Space Science knowledge to others. All the virtual programs are open for learning to all age groups starting from age 5. With these learning programs, SPACE has showcased its mission & passion for Astronomy. To know more, visit:www.space-india.com

2. School Programs: This includes Space Astronomy Club, Space Explorer Workshops, Space Mobile Planetarium and Universe in the School program. Each program has been tailor-made to suit a school’s curriculum or extra-curriculum activity. Space Astronomy Club is a co-curricular program, while Space Explorer Workshops and Space Mobile Planetarium are curriculum supported programs and Universe in the School is a curriculum-integrated program for k-12. All the programs encompass students with lifelong skills in space science & Astronomy & gives the students an edge & vision for the future in Astronomy. It also focuses on Observational Astronomy & its learning through interaction, fun and much more.

3. Khagolshala: Khagolshala (Astronomy and Space Lab) is a paramount inclusion of the lab infrastructure at institutes, enabling the esteemed institutions to introduce Astronomy and Space Education as well as Hands-On Experimentation among students at all levels. It aims in building a nurtured Scientific Ecosystem that promotes Research and Innovation at the school level. Khagolshala Labs are a manifestation of the vision of New Education Policy-2020 focusing more on Experiential Learning and creating well-rounded individuals equipped with STEM and key 21st-Century Skills. It enables students to think critically and solve problems, and how to innovate, adapt, and absorb new material in novel and changing fields.

4. Competition & Olympiad: Space Technology and Education Pvt. Ltd. initiated Heliodyssey in 2006 intending to train members with various skills. Heliodyssey is a marquee program of Space where students are travelled for Solar Eclipse observations and expeditions. This competition provides a full scholarship to students selected around the world.

Space Group bridges the gap by focusing on real-life learning opportunities. In their journey, they have inspired 1.5 Million+ students through their various education programs online and offline. Their programs are curated with years of research and crafted to engage kids of all age groups. They have empowered more than 1,000 schools of India to pursue Astronomy as an integral education at schools. Their Hands-on Pedagogy, Multidisciplinary Approach, Holistic Development & Experiential Learning develops them and trains them for the future.

The programs are inculcated to impart Hands-on learning, STEAM Inclusion and Holistic approach for students learning experiences. The programs focus on Practical & experiential learning with a Multidisciplinary approach that can be imparted with new teaching methodology, while making Astronomy & Space science education and experiences accessible to all in any part of the world. A large army of Astronomers is getting ready for the world. With Space Group start your journey & take learnings to a new height! There are job opportunities also to become a Space Educator and the same can be explored at: www.space-global.com/career the 30 Days course will make you a Space Educator and you can help revolutionise the Space Education sector with Space Group of Companies. The same can be pursued after having graduation qualification in engineering or medical sciences as it would help the potential educator with faster grasping of content knowledge that the educator will learn from Space and that they will impart to students in future.

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