Revolutionary Platform Solves India’s Unclaimed Wealth Dilemma, Ensuring Family’s Future

New Delhi (India), December 16: Imagine billions of rupees lying forgotten in banks and insurance companies, waiting for someone to claim them. That’s the reality in India, where a staggering Rs. 150,000 crore sits unclaimed, gathering dust. But say goodbye to lost legacies!, a revolutionary platform, has emerged as a pioneering solution to one of India’s long standing financial challenges.

Think of it as your financial guardian angel. Simply upload your important documents, like insurance policies and bank accounts, and name your loved ones as beneficiaries. No tech whiz required! does the rest.

In a departure from conventional approaches, where beneficiaries often struggle to access information due to lack of awareness or technological proficiency, proactively monitors users’ well-being. In the unfortunate event of a user’s demise, the platform steps in, verifies the situation, and promptly notifies and assists the nominees in accessing the uploaded documents, ensuring a smooth transfer of assets.

For a video explanation of its working, here is the short explainer video.

Security remains a paramount concern for, undergoing regular website audits and employing robust measures to safeguard users’ sensitive information. Users are encouraged to list various assets such as insurance policies, financial accounts, property documents, and provide comprehensive instructions, simplifying the process for their nominees.

This platform addresses a significant societal issue in India by facilitating the rightful transfer of unclaimed wealth to families, a task often left unattended by traditional financial institutions that typically wait for beneficiary to come and claim. Notably, operates on a free-of-cost basis during its initial phase, emphasizing user accessibility and ease of use.

But is more than just a money saver. It’s a legacy builder. Demystifying will-making in India, it lets you choose your own beneficiaries, not just those on official documents. Family, friends, anyone you trust – the choice is yours.

Driving the innovative strides of is Ankit Jain, a seasoned engineer with a decade-long track record in developing scalable internet applications. Ankit’s profound technological expertise and focus on customer-centric products have been instrumental in crafting a secure and user-friendly platform. His vision is to free Indians from the burden of managing their digital legacy, leaving them with peace of mind and a secure future for their loved ones.

In summary, stands as a revolutionary solution, bridging the gap between unclaimed wealth and rightful beneficiaries, ensuring financial security and peace of mind for families across India, one document at a time.

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