The realtor, artist, and actress Dina Sipovich Ferry is aiming high for her Luxurious Cosmetica Med Spa

Boca Raton, (Florida) [USA]: Dina Sipovich is a Russian businesswoman based in the United States Of America. She is an established realtor who has sold prime properties including penthouses in the very sought-after city of Sunny Isles. She also specializes in multi-million dollar family homes in Palm Beach County. Taking a step ahead, Dina also owns a luxurious med spa, Cosmetica Med Spa, in East Boca, which is a one-of-a-kind med spa that aims to bring unmatched services to its customers.

Cosmetica Med Spa is the top spa in South Florida known for its luxurious customer services. Cosmetica Med Spa provides services like Botox & Dermal Fillers, Microneedling and PRP, stem cells for hair loss and joint pain, IV therapy, and sexual wellness, among many other services using the latest and proven-safe technologies. The med spa has an amazing team of medical professionals that specialize in each of its services, along with post-treatment counseling and support for total customer satisfaction.

But this is only one side of this confident and successful businesswoman. She is an actress par excellence. She is best known for the series One Life To Live which aired from 2008-2014. Her character Becca Salzman was loved by one and all and was a memorable one. Dina is a talented artist too. She has painted some of the beautiful pop art that is featured in many homes in the Palm Beach County area.

Dina was born in Norilsk of Russia on December 16th, 1993. After a few years, her family moved to Edgewater, New Jersey, and then settled in Saddle River, New Jersey. She was an active and outgoing child. She played tennis and volleyball and was a good gymnast too. She played piano also. From a young age, it was evident from her personality that she is a go-getter.

She started her career as an actress in One Life to Live, but as a child, she always aspired to be a dermatologist. Her love for biology and art drove her to this interest. Later she graduated with a degree in Biochemistry, intending to go to medical school. Right before graduation, she fell in love with Christopher Ferry in 2017 and soon got married to him. Before she could complete graduation she became pregnant with her first child. Dina’s husband Christopher is very supportive and always backed her to be a self-dependent and confident woman. The couple has 4 beautiful kids. Dina’s family is her strength. It is with their support that Dina ventured into pursuing her dreams.

With Cosmetica Med Spa she is aiming to feed her passion for both biology and art. She is confident that this luxury med spa will provide top-of-the-line quality of service and care.