SRS is the beacon of hope for world’s new age cinema

New Delhi (India), February 7: Sudeep Ranjan Sarkar popularly known as SRS is an auteur in the world of movies, a style icon, a trailblazing legend who is a one-man industry of the new age cinema all rolled into one.

SRS is an audacious man, crafted his own genre internationally and is a trail blazer with movies that are starkly different in body and spirit from what Indian filmmakers have created till date. He has transcended the barriers of Bengal and Bollywood regional cinema into the arena of Global story telling. His cinema is a juxtaposition of his philosophy, his art, his poetry and prose and his form of cinema is compared to European Masters. He has carved a niche so distinct that his very name embodies the genre of his own.

His record-breaking achievement has been in creating 5 out of 8 full-length award-winning feature movies with just a Smart phone, a feat that has surpassed even the acclaimed Steven Soderberg which was also recognized by SRS and his works are so widely recognized in Europe that in 2019 Cannes Film Festival he was feted in the American pavilion for his smartphone cinema by Prof Karl Bardosh of New York Film Academy. In the European film world, he is called as “Maestro SRS” and is seen as a combination of iconic names Robert Rodriguez and Lars Von Trier. Interestingly, like many creative people in the field of arts and cinema, he uses a couple of pseudonyms, including EmhyrAlharic for Filmmaking, Leo Romero for arts, Leon Marcus V and Theodore Adam1 for literature. He might turn out to be India’s best bet for Oscars and Berlin, Venice and Cannes. This man is onto something monumental in world cinema if one is intelligent enough to read the message in the wind.

Most of his films be it Unformung, Paradiso, Lust to Glorius Dead, The Death Of Spring, NotesTo A Lover From Jenny Adam And Her Beautiful Family,Dreams And Rhapsody Of God and Jom Duare Romoni Kotha explores philosophical, spiritual and also sensual questions.The series of films he has directed, studied in their individual contexts, are different in content that dictates in some sense, the stylistic approaches, the music, cinematography and editing, the time-space setting. Yet, taken together, as the total oeuvre of a single director, they do bring out a pattern of performance that makes it possible to look at his films as the expression of a director’s vision. 

His body of work sets him apart completely and makes him a unique artist contrastingly different from indistinguishable artists across the world. He created nearly One-decade old unique Arthouse film festival that celebrates differently made films across the worldand also discovered many cinema gems. SRS cannot be stereotyped into a genre. Each of his movies are different from each other. Nine movies in span of eight years without any studio backing is no mean feat. On top of that his production company NEZ Moving Pixels have produced movies for others too. SRS IS A ONE MAN INDUSTRY…He directs, scripts, edits and even acts in his films.

Other than being a pathfinder as Filmmaker, SRS is also a flamboyant individual and a global style icon with his distinctive style statements. He wears two watches in both hands, his right hand has rock sized rings on all fingers and his left hand has Tiger, Alligator, Eagle and snake. His both wrists have antique bracelets and all these makes him quirky, mercurial, distant yet affable. SRS is now coming up with his own fashion label aptly known SRS which will have Men’s Jewellery, Perfumes and Leather Accessories for both men and women. He dreams to see this fashion brand among the top global names in years to come.

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