XQBIC Production Starts on the Path of Success with a Victory at SRFA Cannes

Mumbai, Maharashtra [India] : The simple concept of loving and caring for everyone regardless of their social status is exceptionally presented in the short film Love & Care- the Feelings. It is produced by Bharati Mahapatra and is made by an excellent team who put in a lot of hard work in its making. The entire thought process of coming up with such a heartfelt concept of kindness and then portraying the story through the visual medium was a meticulous but fruitful task. It took four months to make the film. Just like a rough rock that faces a lot of hardships from what it goes through before it’s finally polished. It then becomes a smooth and beautiful pebble that the world admires. The initial idea of this film and the process from then to the finished film shares the same kind of journey.

A lot of teamwork, constant communication, and improvisation later this film was made. Within that journey of filmmaking, the team made mistakes too and learned from them to give even better results with their upcoming work. Love and care is the first short film the team and producer have worked on for the Xqbic production house and so it holds a special place in their heart. Bharati has a passion for making films; especially those that touch the heart of the audience and tell a good story.

The film was presented at the Silk Road Film Awards, Cannes. Bharati was awarded as the best first time producer/ short film in recognition of excellence in filmmaking at the Silk Road Film Awards Cannes.

The film Love and Care- the feelings, presents the story of a small boy. The humane ship he extends toward another homeless boy. The covid-19 crisis has taught humans there’s some to little control they have over circumstances. So good or bad, one decides how to deal with what life throws at us. Kindness, care for others and equal treatment of all is a part of Indian values. So the concept for this short film arises from the need to maintain and follow all rules of Covid while being helpful to others who don’t have the same privilege as us.

The crisis should not come in between humanity; it should only encourage us to improve as an individual and as a society. Tough times like these are not for us to step back but instead step ahead and make the world a little better, other people’s lives a little easier and humanity a little more prominent. The team has done an extremely good job at conveying this message through this short film and will hopefully do as well for their future endeavours.