Masters in International Business: How India’s Management Education Landscape is Evolving Amid Placement Scarcity

New Delhi (India), December 22: Many Indian students believe that academic programs like an MBA in International Business will improve their employability and open opportunities for their careers. For a long time, the educational system in India has placed a strong emphasis on the value of memorization and an exam-focused assessment that focuses on the principles of earning the highest possible score and demonstrating one’s aptitude, rather than on regularity and instructional strategies but rather on the capacity to follow rules. The issue is that, in the corporate world, where people are employed on the basis of their innate capacity to innovate and come up with fresh solutions, this does not translate into success.

Founded in 1990, IMS Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus) has consistently been acclaimed as one of the nation’s most innovative institutions. Their MIB program ranks among the best international business courses in India, for its multifocal approach based on inculcating broad uses of digitalization to drive self-learning and not just relying on classroom education models.

For years, Indian Institutions have failed at testing the practical pedigree of students, in part due to the regressive evaluation model on physical examinations, where students are graded on the basis of theoretical strengths and not the dissemination of real-world applicable solutions. At IMS Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus), we embed the need for our students to generate effective strategies, hone their problem-solving skills, and learn professional command through research-orientation and Industry-enabled learning and navigate their way through the corporate setting to become adept for future leadership positions. 

Another obstacle hindering the proper growth of India’s education system is the overemphasis on technical education streams, which often causes individuals to overlook the importance of managerial students. This lack of emphasis on equal education causes a wide disparity in leadership and high-quality managers within the nation. At IMS Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus) the MIB program is designed primarily to engulf areas like global business operation, asset management, international financial planning and advanced analytics.  

The Institute’s Masters in International business program not only hosts an international level faculty that enables our students to conform and encompass skills that link them to their international corporate environment but also offers specializations of analytics like data management, advanced visualization, machine learning inoculation and computer programming applications for technical business applications.   

Another aspect of India’s barren academic methodology addressed by the Masters In International business program is the significance of teamwork and collaboration. Without understanding the need for corroborations, students can never be ready to assume leadership roles in any firm, recognizing this need, the institute provides specialized corporate mentoring and a skill integrated corporate interface within their program.      

IMS Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus) is nationally acclaimed among the top BBA colleges in Delhi for their incorporation of research requirements, expert collaborations, and various international-immersions programs that foster student communication internally and test their leadership mettle. 

IMS Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus)- MIB

Recognised for their international business courses in India, IMS Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus) is a stellar example of how to combine learning ingenuity with digital support. The Institute offers a digital library that provides students access to countless books, e-books, databases, and research papers for various different courses to help extend their learning.

A renowned affiliation of CCS University, Meerut, for more than 3 decades, IMS Ghaziabad (University Course Campus) has committed itself to providing learning infrastructure that enables digital exposure and communication, Hosting various seminars, workshops, and collaborative sessions, to harbor effective learning. The institute offers graduate and postgraduate courses within Biotechnology, Management, Computer Science, Journalism & Mass Communication, and Biosciences.

In 2023, IMS Ghaziabad (University Course Campus) recorded its highest placement of 23.37 LPA. Leading corporate firms like Flipkart, Berger Paints, Bajaj Allianz, S&P Global, and Info Edge India visited the institute and offered placements at a stellar rate. At IMS Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus), the academic methodology is a blend of skill-oriented corporate interface, case-based learning, industry-oriented workshops, psychometric profiling, and a vital emphasis on soft skills. 

Adapting to the nation’s ever changing higher education landscape, IMS Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus) provides a MIB program that engulfs interconnected concepts of international business, portfolio management and financial operations to provide an unequivocal knowledge of diverse business requirements and upskill students comprehensively. 

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